Our value proposition:

  • A tailored approach, from wealth architecture to portfolio management
  • A resilient and sustainable investment philosophy, suited for long-term performance
  • An interaction with an investment expert – and someone who listens and understands

All our portfolios are adapted to the client for whom they are designed (particularly in terms of risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation, potential liquidity needs and philosophy). We spend all the time necessary with each of our clients in order to translate their investment and estate objectives in financial terms. We integrate choices and preferences. We take into account private assets.

It is the construction of the portfolio that ensures its resilience. Asset diversification (like long-term compound returns) is often cited as one of finance’s free lunches. It is a key part of the value chain. Long-term anchoring too is essential for performance. Additionally, a long time horizon allows the use of a wider range of financial assets, hence improving diversification.

We are using an “endowment management” style. This approach defines very clearly the specific role of each actor. Once the asset allocation has been determined, it allows to select the best specialists per asset class (be it through funds or segregated mandates). It also allows to add environmental, social and governance criteria in addition to the pure financial ones. The analytical capacity is therefore wider, leading to better risk management and ultimately higher risk-adjusted performance.

We work in full transparency, committing contractually not to receive any retrocessions, commissions or the likes from the counterparties we work with. We recognize that we are entering a period of lower returns where vigilance on costs will be central.

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